Technology Services

Technology Services

With our unique blend of highly skilled Accounting and Technology expertise Books & Co. can empower your organisation to achieve its goals and smash through the traditional economies of scale barriers that have hitherto existed.

Depending on the type of business you represent, Accounting and IT expenditure can often feel like grudge purchases. Books & Co. want to empower you with data, information and logic to enable you to make the correct decisions for your business.

Today, every business no matter what size needs a professional platform from which to trade. The creation of this platform almost always involves technology. Whether you are a Sole Trader or a big “Small Business” which in the Guernsey sense may mean up to 30 employees, the need to equip the team with the technology tools to do their job is paramount.

In 2012 Books & Company Limited was formed as a forward looking firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in the provision of cloud accounting solutions to small businesses in Guernsey. Since this time, we have noted that many of our small business clients have experienced the same levels of frustration with their IT solutions and have asked us for help with wider processes.

The choice of your IT platform is vital to the efficiency of the business and will impact on it’s long term success. Whatever your line of work, we aim to provide your business with an IT solution tailored exactly to your needs. Typically, we would seek to meet with you to scope out your current issues and then oversee the development of a solution which is designed around your business requirements, not the other way around!

Technology is experiencing another revolution certainly as big as that experienced in the 1980’s when computers started appearing on everyone’s desks. This revolution now is linking everything together. This concept is most easily explained by way of example: In the 1970’s we bought music on vinyl records. In the Eighties we bought tapes and in the nineties we bought CD’s. Certainly this was progression but our habits were the same, it was just the form the music was stored in that changed. In the noughties things changed when we started buying music from web applications such as iTunes. Rather than buying a physical thing, we just bought the music we wanted from the comfort of our living rooms. Now even this has changed and we use streaming services such as Spotify where we access and stream exactly what we want to hear at any time. Through this evolution, music stopped being an object purchased from the high street and has become an on-line service.

Over the course of the next five to ten years, we believe that exactly the same shift will occur in the workplace. As connectivity improves, we will stop working from our own servers and from programmes bought from computer stores. Instead, the likelihood is that we will use the work equivalent of Spotify and will sign up for Software as a Service. Small offices will no longer need servers and thick files of license agreements. Instead we will simply plug dumb terminals into the internet and all of the processing and storage will take place at data centres of excellence for a comparatively low subscription fee.

At Books & Co Technology we strive to provide our clients with the expertise to take advantage of these developments. While we work closely with several ‘Software as a Service’ suppliers – (SaaS), we are 100% independent so we can give you the very best in advice and support without being swayed by anything other than the business needs of our clients. In the event that we are offered a commission on a product that we recommend to you, these commissions will either be passed to you or deducted from our bill.

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