Our IT Services

Our IT Services

We keep it very simple, no long documents to plough through, no drawn out meetings full of acronyms and ‘IT speak’.

If you don’t understand what we are talking about then we have not done our job properly. We want to take you on the journey. The more you work with us the less cost you will have in terms of maintenance and training in the long term. A number of our clients have been able to do away with maintenance agreements with IT suppliers. This is because of the two things; the support we give you when we implement the solution of your choice and because of the fantastic support that cloud providers give via the internet.

The more time given by your business, the better the IT solution will be.

Working With Your Business

Before embarking on any solution, we need to work with you to find out what you need. A solution will then be matched to your requirements.

The first meeting is always without cost. This is so that you can be comfortable with who we are and what we can offer. Often your IT needs can be established in this meeting and then we can discuss the suitable solution. We will then quote you on the cost of implementing the solution.

If things are a bit more complex then we will need to meet with you again and delve a little deeper.

Training Services

We have a huge amount of experience on Microsoft Office applications, Web Apps such as Dropbox etc. We can do informal or formal training sessions on these products.

Startup IT

If you are a startup we would urge you to consider your IT requirements – if you get this right from the start then you will save time and money in the long run. If your information is ordered logically then future upgrades to other software and systems will be considerably less complex and costly.

IT Strategy

It sounds complex but everyone, no matter how small needs to have an IT strategy that matches their business strategy. If you are a small organisation money is very precious – you want IT to empower and enable you; not annoy you!

IT Reviews

As we are completely independent, we can come into your organisation and look at your IT systems and services with a view to improving efficiency and enhancing the services that you currently have.

Operations Management and Organisational Transformation

Bronwen has vast experience working with organisations as an Operations/Service Delivery Manager as well as working as a consultant to improve process and procedure in the operational environment. Bronwen has tried and tested the ITIL framework and is a great believer in implementing it to tailor to the organisational requirements. A pragmatic approach must always be taken when using best practice models such as ITIL and Prince 2.

Before embarking on an operational improvement program you need to know where you are now so that you can see where you want to be. It is therefore appropriate in most cases to go through a ‘Discovery’ phase to ascertain what processes and procedures exist in the current environment. Once this has been completed a gap analysis can be done to form the organisations Target Operating Model. Implementation is then carried out to put this Target Operating Model into place. An inclusive approach must be taken at all times, change such as this is a big organisational transformation.

IT Governance

There is a growing requirement now for organisation’s to demonstrate that they have adequate governance policies and procedures in place. Information Security is an increasing concern; do you have adequate controls over your data and information?

Creating and reviewing your Information Systems governance policies and procedures is often put to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list simply because of the time it takes and often it is difficult to know where and how to start this task. We have considerable experience of drafting and implementing IT governance. Some generic examples of typical policy areas are:-

  • Data protection policy
  • Acceptable Use policy
  • Access control policy
  • User access rights
  • Network access policy
  • Access control procedure
  • Mobile usage policy
  • Remote user policy (covering laptops, iPads etc)

We can assist you with putting these kinds of policies and procedures in place in as painless way as possible.

Please Remember…
Books & Co. are governed by the ICAEW. This means that we are obliged by their rules to ensure that we remain totally independent. Any discounts or payments which we receive from IT providers are passed directly back to you our client.