Whatever it is that you do and however you are structured, we aim to provide you with support services and expertise to help you do it better, faster and more cost effectively.

As a business proprietor your time and resources are divided between activities that generate income and “overhead time.” We aim to work with you to save you from this “overhead time.” Typically we can achieve this two ways: Firstly, by doing things for you, freeing you up to generate more income and secondly, by doing things differently so the output from our time is more valuable to you.

This sounds like a heady boast, so we’ll give you an example. Like many small businesses, you probably spend a large amount of your time raising invoices and chasing clients. Imagine that you allowed Books & Company to look after your invoicing for you. You simply give us the client’s details and the amount to bill and we can do everything else for you. Taking advantage of access to our cloud based software which has a secure data feed directly from your bank account we can give you a real time report on how much money your business is owed which, you can access through your smartphone or any internet connection. We can prepare reports tailored specifically for you that you can view 24/7 showing everything you need to know such as your available cash balances together with a cash flow forecasts and details of your best and worst paying customers. Using this data, if you would like us to, we can provide meaningful recommendations on ways that together we can improve the way your business operates.

We can do the same thing with your payroll, expenses, taxation, fixed assets and anything else which you invite us to assist with.

Alternatively, you might prefer to be given access to the cloud based software and continue doing things yourself. Our flat fee structure means that we can help you with the initial set up, provide you with the necessary training and let you get on with it. Of course, we will always be on hand with helpful advice if needed.

We are happy to offer advice to everyone thinking of going into business (whether by way of start-up or purchase of an existing business) and anyone contemplating a restructure of an existing business.

Whatever your trade or profession, we are pleased to set out our stall in front of you as partners to your business and would like to invite you to let us demonstrate the difference we can make together.

Director: John F Merrien MSc, FCA, ACIS, TEP
A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Practice Assurance Scheme

Registered in Guernsey, Registration Number 55468
Registered Office: Suite 2, Level 4, 2 Cornet Street, St Peter Port, GY1 1BZ
Books and Company Limited 2022

Suite 2
Level 4
2 Cornet Street
St Peter Port