The Cloud – Release your business potential and go exponential!

What is it?
The Cloud is the internet; it is basically a network (or a bunch) of servers all working to store data or run applications. By and large, we are all now using the Cloud in one way or another; Google Mail, Google docs, Yahoo mail, Facebook etc.

Where are the servers based?
This is a big question for some organisations on the Channel Islands due to the requirement to keep for example, tax sensitive data offshore.

If this is your organisation there is an offshore solution based here in the Channel Islands. If your data is not sensitive then you have far greater amount of choice.

Why use it?
The Cloud has the potential to be used by individuals as well as small, medium and large businesses. However, what excites us at Books and Company is the power it can give to small and medium sized businesses and the way it enables us to work along side you as if we are present in your office.

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