Whether you are giving thought to taking the big leap of faith and going into business for the first time or you are an established name in your field of excellence, we would like to design a service offering that meets your particular need and budget.
We believe that business is an adventure, from the first tentative steps out of the safety of your place of comfort for such duration and level of excitement as you chose.

For startups

We are committed to making sure that our services are accessible and affordable to everyone; no business will ever be too small for us. We are always happy to discuss our fees in relation to your cash flow to make sure that we charge in the best way possible.
We can help you with your business planning, including offering advice on the best form of structure to use, how to register with Income Tax and the Social Security Authority

We believe in the spirit of enterprise. To us, this is not just the nervous excitement of the start up but the long nights of slog and hard graft to make your business a success. It is helping deal with the pain along the way and celebrating the little wins that no-one other than you actually notice!
Whatever your field we want to be a part of your journey

For growing businesses

We can help you with governance and control, working capital management, forecasting, cash flow, the formalities of employing people, drafting procedures and handbooks and we can help you with the

For mature businesses

We can act as your finance director or support someone who you are bringing up to that role.

When it’s time to move on

We can provide a valuation for your business and assist you with the sale process. We can vary our instructions with you and (subject to ethical safeguards) accept instructions from the purchaser so that your business can continue uninterrupted while the rest of the management and ownership is changed.

No business – no problem!

A large part of our central offering is to assist busy people with their private accounting and tax needs. From the annual filing of your personal tax returns to the creation of a bespoke private family office solution we are happy to work alongside local individuals and families to ensure that you are fully in control of your financial affairs.

Director: John F Merrien MSc, FCA, ACIS, TEP
A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Practice Assurance Scheme

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Registered Office: Suite 2, Level 4, 2 Cornet Street, St Peter Port, GY1 1BZ
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Suite 2
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