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Tara Jager

After qualifying at Ernst and Young and gaining experience in many different industries from Property to Insurance to Trust, Tara went on to specialise in Private Equity at Northern Trust, where she worked her way from Senior Accountant to Accounting Manager.

Tara left the finance sector in 2013 and took a career break to be a full-time mum to her 2 young children. Tara began back in employment in 2016, when she worked for a small accountancy practice with a varying portfolio of small local clients. On working in practice Tara realised that she much preferred the tangible nature of small and medium sized businesses, as opposed to large companies in the finance sector. Tara particularly enjoys the relationship management side of the job and loves speaking to clients about their business and what motivates them. She has a great deal of respect for individuals who are passionate and motivated enough to set up on their own, and likes to help take the administrative burden out of the whole process, allowing clients to focus on the business itself.

Tara loves being outdoors and in her free time can usually be found on the beach whatever the season, hanging out with her family and sea swimming with her children and dog.