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What we do?

We are committed to making sure that our services are accessible and affordable to everyone; no business will ever be too small for us.

We are always happy to discuss our fees in relation to your cash flow to make sure that we charge in the best way possible.

Our services can be broadly categorised into five groups which start at capturing a single transaction and extends to us providing top level strategic assistance to people and businesses. While each of the five areas are discussed below there is lots of cross over between these areas:

Assisting businesses with their day to day financial management, raising invoice, paying expenses, reconciling bank accounts, debtor control etc.

As with all our services, we are pleased to provide as much or as little bookkeeping support as you require.

Some of our clients ask us to do everything for them: They bring us the bills that they have received that need to be paid together with a note of the invoices that they wish to raise. Either using cloud accounting or snail mail, we operate as their complete back office solution without anyone ever seeing or hearing the name Books & Co.

At the other end of the spectrum is the client who completes all of their own bookkeeping and simply has us on hand to assist with particularly complex transactions or to cover holidays / absences etc.

Often, we use cloud based software to work on client’s books in real time. More information on our cloud accounting partners can be found by clicking on the following links: QuickBooks Online, Sage One, Xero.

Preparing reports, either management reports for the business owners or Financial Statements as required by people outside of the business / company.

Understanding the financial position and performance of your business is not only a legal requirement, but it is also key to long term success. We know how to interpret the books of your company and how to communicate results to you in real world language.

We will agree a level of information and frequency of communication with you (usually monthly, but we can work more or less frequently if required) and we can offer you meaningful comments on your finances to help you direct your business.

All businesses need end of year accounts prepared to recognised accounting standards. The preparation of annual accounts also usually involves some year end adjustments to your books. We are pleased to prepare your accounts, talk you through what the results show for the year and assist you to make sure that the company’s books agree with the accounts that we have prepared.

Usually undertaken hand in glove with the annual Financial Reporting we will complete the tax computations and schedules required by Guernsey Income Tax and submit the same on your behalf. We will liaise with Income Tax on your behalf throughout the year and if necessary make appeals on your behalf. Our overriding objective is to make sure that you make exactly the right

contribution to Guernsey’s community through payment of income tax: not a penny more (and never a penny less!)

Advising businesses, individuals and charities on their affairs to ensure that they are obtaining the maximum value from their investment and dovetailing the output of the business to their own specific goals.

More than just the interpretation of results that we discuss when presenting management reports, business advisory is about providing you with the benefit of our years of experience working with and for companies in all areas from aviators to deep sea divers and all other areas of the economy in between!

Many people need assistance depending on the stage of the business lifecycle they are at. We assist would be founders with their start-up journey and help people at the other extreme with their exit strategy.

We can assist companies with their company secretarial obligations, including share transactions and re-organisations.

We can provide you with payroll solutions for your staff and complete your reporting obligations with Social Security and Income Tax.

We can provide you with a valuation of your business, assist with insurance claims for loss of profit and can help you secure business finance.

We can provide advice on your systems and IT and assist you with the introduction of new systems including bookkeeping, workflow and MS Office 365.

We know what we don’t know and we have an extensive network of other professionals who can be drafted in when we are unable to advise. These include IT professionals, Point of Sales Specialists, Lawyers and Tax Advisors for other jurisdictions.

Our objective is to offer as much or as little assistance as the client may require from simply being on hand for an ad-hoc query to providing a full virtual finance director service to a company at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time financial manager.

Here, we step away from the business of businesses and we look at people as our client. We assisting individuals and families with their personal tax needs. Regardless of whether or not they are the owners of businesses or companies. We assist people who have buy-to-let properties and other investments with their record keeping and their tax reporting obligations.

Here the continuum runs from being on hand to assist with a single query to offering a complete family office solution.